Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Short and Sweet

Wow! It has been quite some time since I have written on the blog. I can attribute that to working 7 days straight and topping out at 70 hours and that’s not including the training. That followed by more training and a travel week to Charleston for the Cooper River Bridge run. I will hit the highlights and will go into more detail about these event tomorrow.

Had a long ride last week and I was able to really nail my nutrition down on the bike. I felt very confident and am ready to ride. On the flip side, I was hitting a hill that I thought I could take in the big ring. Well as it peaked I made a huge mistake and tried to shift to the small ring. This threw my chain and right into the rear arm of the bike. It caused a pretty significant gouge into the arm and broke my chain. The chain has since been replaced and I am waiting on Cervelo to see if the frame needs to be replaced. I will go into more detail about this issue tomorrow.

I Ran Cooper River Bridge Run and following the half marathon race I expected I would do well on the run. I ran the race at a 9:22/ mile. I have not moved that fast since probably the academy 9 years ago. This really put me in good place as far as running goes. Unfortunately, 3 miles in my knee was on fire! After New Orleans, I am going to check out the Vibram Five Fingers.

Because of the Bike issue, I wasn’t able to participate in the Cool Breeze Triathlon. I think it was the best choice.

One last thing, today the lake temperature is a smoking 67 degrees! I am excited about that and planning on going out to the lake tomorrow. I am totally looking forward to it!

I think that’s it in a nutshell.

p.s. I learned what the big yellow sponge thingy that came with the Aero bottle is for!!! Rookie!


  1. Hahaha. My friend couldn't find his yellow sponge thing the other day, but then he eventually found it under his sink. He put it in his bottle and filled it with water. He quickly realized that the maid must have thought it was a scouring pad because it apparently tasted like clorox! Hahaha.

  2. That is too funny! I had water coming out of places it shouldnt after reading that!

  3. Well??!! What is the big yellow spongy thing that comes with the Aero bottle for?? Love you, Son!! I am sssooo proud of you!!