Sunday, May 16, 2010

In and out of a training slump.

This past week I have been in a training slump! Its been really hard to get motivated to put in the work. When I did I felt “ok” about it but by the end of the week I hit bottom! I felt horrible about missing two of the one hour bike rides and 1 swim. Sometimes, life takes over! It really has done a number on me mentally. I began questioning my commitment; doubting my ability. I just need to put this week behind me! “Out Damned spot! Out I say.”

I think part of the reason is…I have gotten a little bored. I need a change. After much debate and planning, I have decided to add a little something more to my routine. Can you say P90X. I am super excited to be able to add this to the routine. I admittedly will not be following this program everyday because the Ironman isn’t a P90x competition. It’s a swim, bike, run and that’s what I need to focus on. I just got it last night. I think I am mostly excited about starting the ab workout. I know a stronger core will provide huge benefits.

Sorry bore you guys but I just needed to vent about this guilt I was/am feeling about my poor training lat week. Well, I will just have to have faith that the next six months will be tough but manageable.

So how do I get out of the slump? I mentally took myself back to my starting point. What was I thinking when I signed up for the Ironman? Why am I doing it? Those answers have to keep me in the saddle even when “life happens.” I have also listened to some of my favorite Christian music (see video below). Another great reason to get out of this slump is because of the people I have inspired to get moving. Yet, what they don’t realize is they in turn inspire me to keep moving. Having said that, CONGRATS to my brother for completing his first half marathon! I feel like the morning alarm went off in my head! “I’m up! I’m up!” Time to make it happen (thanks for letting me vent!)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My body is feeling dead this week! Two weeks out of training...I need a resurrection.

I have been out of training for the past two and a half weeks. I resumed training this past Monday. I have swam and cycled and yesterday did my first easy run. It was a brick session; an “easy” one at that. I biked on the trainer for an hour (using a higher cadence than I am used to because I’m trying to train my body to cycle in the 90’s). I also wanted the opportunity to do some one leg drills. That was pretty tough too. It definitely showed a lot of weaknesses in my pedaling. I have 6 months to work on this. This was followed by a two mile run. The biking was cool but running the two miles… geesh! Now I was trying to push this run because it’s time for beast mode but good word it was tough.

It was good to have the NO experience to fall back on! I kept telling myself I have felt worst than this so keep pushing. The more I push the better off I am. I just wanted to kick this body and tell it to wake up!

Tomorrow I go back to full duty. I am so grateful. I can’t take sitting behind a desk all day. I am totally looking forward to getting back into my patrol car to see what trouble I can get into next.

Before my training session tonight, I may use a defibrillator! Need to get some life into this body again.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My sights are set on Ironman Cozumel

I am finally released to start limited training again following my surgery. I am limited to just swimming and cycling for now both without restriction. Next week, I will start introducing running into the trinity.

For the past few months, for me, training has been on completing the half Iron distance. The overall goal for the year, of course, is Ironman Cozumel. Yet it was never in my sights because I was so focused on completing the half distance and that was a key race for me. Now that it is over, my focus is on the Ironman. I can’t believe I am saying that my next key race is the Ironman. I am training for the Ironman! It is a dream to even be able to say that.

I know I have other races but for me I consider them training days with transitions. Even Ironman Augusta 70.3 is just a long training day. I am going to take what I learned in New Orleans and apply it to my training. I am looking forward to the longer swims and cycling. The running is probably my least favorite. That’s probably a sign I need to do more of it.

I have started incorporating more weight training into my training. One because I need to, two because it cant hurt, three because I promised myself I would be in the best physical shape of my life when I hit Cozumel. Since I started my weight loss journey three years ago, it has always been a dream (or goal) to be 10% body fat. I’m currently 15% which is a far cry from my 22-23% days that isn’t so long ago. That equates to 9lbs of fat I would have to loose in the next seven months. I am also placing focus on strengthening my core. When I was at the Expo, I saw a lot of people who were, at least, physically committed to this sport. These guys were super lean like 8% bf. Oh and they were fast! I know because they kept passing me!

I’m just ready! Ready to prepare my body for what I know it’s capable of. What I learned from NO was that the mental game starts long before you enter the water. It’s everyday in training. The days you want to shorten your workout. The days you would rather not. I’m game on and looking forward to continuing to change my mind and my body. I said beast mode when I got back! Well I’m back and its beast mode! Game is ON!

As for the demons, they haven’t had much to say since New Orleans. I know they are just keeping quiet…for now.