Saturday, April 17, 2010

Im heeeeeere! 04/15/2010

++++Didnt have internet service in the room so these entries are a little out of order the previous entry was sent via blackberry++++

Welcome to New Orleans. After an extremely long 11 hour ride, I am finally here in New Orleans. We arrived late last night and I didn’t really get a chance to see the city’s skyline or architecture. However, I did see the roads I am preparing to conquer. The streets are pretty flat here and all I could think about was the run.

We arrived around 10pm central 11 est and checked in. We nailed our “goal time” to arrive at the hotel. I laughed and said hopefully it is indicative of the rest of the trip here. I put the wheels back on the P3 and walked her into the hotel lobby. After seeing the tri bike, people knew immediately what I came to do. I felt like a rock star :)

It was funny the valet driver told me I was going to have a lot of competition. He didn’t realize he was looking at my competition. It was me! He told me of someone who traveled from Venezuela to compete. The guy didn’t speak one word of English. Suddenly, my 11 hour drive in my own country didn’t seem so bad.

I woke up this morning, apparently still in “my” time zone, at 530 central. This would place me at 630 est which is the time I normally get in the mornings. I had hoped to get on the internet to update this blog and my facebook page but couldn’t connect to the internet. I called the front desk and she said it would cost me 15 bucks a day for internet! Who does that anymore?! Who charges for internet! I can go to McDonalds and get a Wifi connection. Krisit and I will be searching for a local Starbucks to connect with friends. I have my Blackberry so at least I am partially connected.

On the agenda for the day: I am going to the first athlete meeting at 10am and registration at 1030. Then I am going to enjoy my first Ironman/Half Ironman expo! This is followed by a 1.2 mile swim were the locals go to train. I found out about this by visiting the New Orleans 70.3 website. Following, We are going to the French Quarter where I will meet my cousin and his family. I haven’t seen him in a decade! Growing up he was like a brother to me. I am going to try to do family portraits for him but since my external flash is kaput, Im not sure what we can do. Hopefully the sun is bright enough and I can edit some of the darker shadows. We will see! I am super, super, excited about this event. For the last few months this day seemed so far away, yet here it is. I am here! I am ready!

P.S. I had a treatment for my knee this past Wednesday. I hope that it will hold up. In the past few weeks I’ve noticed I only have issues when running hills. Thank God New Orleans is a flat run. I don’t anticipate any problems.

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