Thursday, July 15, 2010

And I want to sing a song for you Lord

Unfortunately, my voice was not the gift God decided to give me to bless the world. So my song has been changed to triathlon. I’m not breaking any records but I want to sing a song, “with everything that’s in me Lord listen to me sing.” I realized that this journey to the Ironman has actually brought me closer to God. For several reasons, I find myself leaning on Him more but not just in triathlon but in my personal life as well. God has answered every prayer! Yet, I have to also realize when he decided NOT to give me what I thought I needed that was His answer. Often we get confused when we pray for a new car or home. When we don’t get those things, we think it’s God not answering our prayers. Yet in reality the prayer has been answered and we just didn’t like the answer!

In triathlon, the participants cannot wear audio devices such as iPods and other listening devices. I made the decision early on to train how I fight. When I was in the army we lived by that motto. We would essentially train the way we fight. Or, in this instance train the way I race. In lieu of having an iPod, I remember lyrics to my favorite Christian songs. The song in the video has been on repeat in my head for the last couple of training events.

I had an 8 mile run in the rain with tornado warnings! I went out to run because I want to sing a song with everything that’s in me! When I started the run, the rain wasn’t as heavy as it once was. It would settle to a drizzle and then become heavy at times. Of course by time the run was over, the rain had stopped. But I know people that saw me running was listening to me “sing.” That run was awesome! I did the run in my Five Fingers and I think I have found my stride in them! It was interesting because My feet were soaked and I was totally expecting blisters. However, I did not have ONE blister or rub mark. It’s because these shoes really fit like a glove. That was something I found really exciting.

My last couple of swim workouts I have pushed much harder than I have “with everything that’s in me Lord…I want to sing a song for You, I want to sing a song.” I have accepted I am not the best, or the fastest, but it will NOT deter me from doing my best! The children at the orphanage are counting on me. Oh yeah the orphanage. The reason I embarked on this journey was in fact a calling from God. Seriously, the only reason I even consider doing an Ironman was because I felt like God wanted me to in order to raise money for Ciudad de Angeles. To donate to my race page please visit

Today I have a 50mile bike ride. I am really tired! And I am totally falling asleep! But I need to do this ride!

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  1. I'm at a crazy training camp right now with all these people doing ironman in august and although it's great I sure am gonna need that extra motivation come the fall when everyone else is done and we're still pushing on. We will all have to motivate and push each other and I'm going to refer back to that Biscay quote time and time again! 150km bike tmrw thru mountains yay!:)