Sunday, July 11, 2010

To my IronPartner!

Thank God for the Iron PARTNER! Often times they are forgotten by the spectators in awe of the Ironmen and women crossing the finish line. Yet they nevermind being the true unsung hero of the Ironman. They make it all happen! I am grateful to God for my Iron partner KP! She has dealt with my crankiness from sleepless nights. Helped when I haven’t done laundry in weeks because I have been too tired or just truly didn’t have time to do it. KP, let the world know that you are my hero.

Thanks for the times you have watched the children on long rides or swim workouts. Thanks for being the voice of “YOU CAN!” when all I was hearing was the voice of “CANT” so clearly in my head. You were my lighthouse during my first open water swims when I panicked. I thought that all I had to do was swim to you as if you were my lighthouse. You have consistently been the face I looked for just before the swim start. And the face I have seen smiling jumping and cheering right after! Thanks KP! Thank you for being by my side!


  1. Wow! Babe this made me cry! It has been my pleasure to support you on this journey! I love your passion and excitement for Triathlons and for life! I love your story and am inspired by it. I love that you want to make a difference by sharing it with others.Thank you for letting me a part of it all! And I do believe that you CAN and WIll be an IRONMAN! I Love You! kp

  2. True Dat Hassan!! :) KP, I've obviously never met you and Hassan, but I must say the support you give him and the gratitude he has for it are second to none. My boyfriend and I both train and it is very difficult at times to be both athlete and athletic supporter (sorry, couldn't resist that one lol)