Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quick Report 2010 Lake Norman Race report

Just wanted to make a quick note about this last sprint triathlon. It was a 750 meter open water swim, 17 mile bike ride, and a 5k. Not a big deal. I was excited that I could look at this race as something to do for fun. A friend that was also doing this race asked me what times I was targeting. It was interesting because I didn’t think about it. I didn’t concern myself with times. I kind of got over the whole racing for time deal (kind of anyway) In this race I just wanted to fine-tune my sighting technique. Besides, this was my last open water swim (race environment) until my Half Ironman in Augusta .

Toward the end of the swim at Lake Logan I felt like my swim was coming together. This swim would let me know if that was the case. Right before the swim start, I walked over to the lake and prayed. I told God this was His race and whatever happens is to His glory. I was thankful to be here and thankful to be sober, and thankful to be happy.

You know when you are in God’s presence. It is a feeling that can’t be described, but I was there! The tears were starting to roll. I laughed and thought great! This race my goggles are going to leak from the inside out! Speaking of goggles I bought a new pair- hopefully these will last. I will probably by a new pair before the Ironman, same brand and model.

Anyway as they called my swim wave to the line, there was no nervousness. I stayed in the back and when they counted us down we started to swim. I decided I was going to move at my pace. I was sighting and swimming really well. In fact, the only thing I would change would be to go faster. Isn’t that always the thing we would change? Go faster? On the way back, sighting was becoming a little more difficult because the sun was starting to rise above the tree line and the goggles I had on were clear. That was the only issue.

One really funny thing happened during the swim. My left hand touched something hard and it turned out to be some sort of rock. The top of the rock was about two feet below the water. So, I stood on top of the rock in the middle of the race and opened my hands like a cross. I laughed so hard and wondered if this is what Jesus felt like when He walked on the water! :)

I made it out of the swim and I was excited about how I felt. I also thought it was funny that my swim pace was the same for 1.2 miles as it was for 1500 meters, and for 0.9 miles, as well as for 750 meters. It’s the same pace. I guess it’s my comfort zone and we don’t challenge the comfort zone in an open water swim!

The bike was rolling but it seems all the courses are around here. Nothing big to talk about on the bike. I did run the 5k two minutes faster that my last sprint a month ago. That was pretty cool! That’s it: quick and to the point.

The biggest thing about this race is that my swim finally was on board. No bad nerves, no nausea, no leaking goggles. Just put your head down (in the water) and get it done. By the way, this is my one year anniversary from when I took my very first swim lesson! WOW! One year ago I didn’t know what a high vertical elbow was. And here I am. It’s a God thing!

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