Wednesday, September 12, 2012


So, I went to swim last night. Yeah it hurts oh em gee. But it was a good hurt. I was swimming thinking about how my tapers before the Ironman were more than what I did last night. But I am getting stronger. I can’t wait for the inner Ironman to be back. I realized how much I missed this. I realized how much I lost.

Something happened last night. I went to swim and it was crowded. Not a good scene when you feel overweight and don’t look good in a speedo (jammers…speedo jammers no banana hammock here lol). I went anyway. I went into the locker and I was planning on how quickly I was gonna run out of the locker and jump into my lane.

I was looking for a locker to store my clothing. The first locker had clothes in it. The second…hand clothes in it. The third was open and I put my clothes in it. Closed the door and checked to see the number…number 7. Biblically, the number 7 represents God, perfection, and completion. I felt like God smiled at me. I didn’t run into my lane. I felt comfortable in my skin for about two whole seconds :) it was a good working out and Im excited about being back in the swing of things. Im WILL have a personal best in Raleigh. I WILL raise my hand and give it to Christ.

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