Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November 24:

I swam again today; nothing serious. I mostly did some speed work and worked on breathing every 5th stroke. It seems that changing from 4 to 5 strokes changes everything. It almost feels like starting over. I also realized something: I don’t have direction! I am swimming; yeah. Cycling? Not as much as I should. Running? Check; got that covered. But, I don’t have direction. I realized the Half Ironman is a short distance away; five months (20 weeks). I think its time to get some direction to my training.

I've looked at Mark Allen’s website (an Ironman Hall of Famer) and the price to start is pretty reasonable. MY biggest fear is that I truly don’t want to participate in a one size fits all training plan. I have several smaller races leading up to the Half Ironman and I want my training plan to reflect this. Mark Allen Online, I think, will allow for these changes. I also believe Mark Allen incorporates heart rate training. I have been very interested in using this training method! One bad thing, now I have to buy a HR monitor! UGH!

Following the swim, I did a leg workout! Over the past three weeks, I have incoporated strength training for legs into my program. This is also part of the reason I haven’t run in the past few weeks! RECOVERY! Man on man! I go in and think I’m doing an easy workout. The next day! Ouch! I’m sore!

I was one of those runners that thought I didn’t have to strength train legs because I’m a runner. A few weeks ago I went to a free clinic held at the Charlotte area TrySports. The presenter was Dr. Joshua Kollmann of Carolina Sports. This guy is a beast! He is extremely knowledgeable in the area of triathlon because he himself is an Ironman finisher. Needless to say, I took every word he said as the Ironman gospel. He recommended runners incorporate leg strength training for triathletes. He also said we should strengthen our hip flexors.

I knew I needed to start a leg strengthening workout because I have had an issue with patella tracking disorder for the past 3 years. I have talked with therapist and doctors and they all said the answer was leg strength training! The disorder hasn’t caused pain so I never worried about it. However, I knew if I wanted to take endurance to the next level I cant have this imbalance!

I started strength training late in this half marathon training, but early in the Half Ironman training! I started upper body training about three months ago and legs only two weeks. Since the strength training, I have gained 4 pounds but had to tighten my belt strap a bit! Maybe I really am turning into Iron!

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