Thursday, November 5, 2009

On Tuesday, November 2, 2009, I ran the fastest 4 mile run. 9 minute mile! I have never run 4 miles at a 9 minute mile. Not breaking any records but I see Im getting stronger. I also decided to start the blog on this day because I needed to remember my accomplishments. It will help, I hope when doubt sets in.
A week ago, I signed up with Charlotte Aquatics to refine my stroke. My thought was that I can very easily follow a training program, but if I have poor swim form what’s the point? I was also developing swimmers shoulder in my left shoulder. I knew it was due to poor technique. I was also breathing frequently; every other stroke which I thought was too frequently. Last week we worked on breathing every 3rd, 4th, and 5th stroke. I am also focusing on learning to breath bilaterally (both sides). Over the last week, I have worked mostly on breathing every fourth stroke. I find I am making stronger strokes when I do this. I also worked on making my body longer in the water.

Last night, my instructor pointed out a flaw. In my mid-catch, I wasn’t turning my hands in! WOW! That little flaw turned out to be what was causing me so much discomfort in my shoulders! I am stoked about this because I felt I was swimming a lot easier and with less energy.

Lesson learned: Keep/Get a swim coach.

This weekend I have a half marathon. Dowd YMCA so taking it easy today and tomorrow.

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