Friday, November 6, 2009

Wow, I haven’t been this nervous about a run in a really, really long time! My plantar fasciitis is really annoying me today! I really need to go get it looked at. I’m not absolutely sure if that is what my pain is, but other runners have told me that I have PF. Any who, I am learning that being an Ironman isn’t just about the event. It’s everything that leads up to the Ironman that makes you an Ironman. How badly did I want to make an excuse not to run the half marathon? Like any other race, I will show up, and run this race! They may have to drag me off but it’s ok. I just have to pace myself! It’s not that I can’t run the race, I’m just afraid of my pacing. If that’s all it is, then I just need to move forward. It’s great practice for the Half Ironman in May. I will be pacing myself alone in that race so let’s see what happens tomorrow.

I have been hydrating and taking care of race prep But ugh I have a really bad headache and its only 730pm but I’m ready for bed! I will be in bed by 8:30p for sure!

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