Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cozumel is a go! Found my breathing rhythm. Got a Triathlon coach.

Cozumel is a go!

It’s official, after a $575 entry fee, I am officially a participant for Ironman Cozumel. I felt both excited and anxious about my entry. Two days later I think I still feel the same way. It is the uncertainty of it all. People think getting to the finish line of an event is the hard part. I would argue it’s the starting line that is the mosth challenging part of an event. I am excited I was able to make it this far!

Found my breathing rhythm.

I am really excited to report I am no long feeling bloated after swims! After I realized why I was taking in too much air, I was able to correct it. I started breathing bilaterally (both sides left and right) and every third stroke. It seems logical: breathing every 4th stroke was creating sense of panic. Breathing every second stroke caused me to slow down because I was breathing too frequently. Every third stroke and breathing on both the left and right side fits me perfectly. I swam a quarter mile yesterday to see how it felt and a half mile today. In both cases I felt really comfortable during and after the swim! Tonight I have my swim coach. I feel comfortable with my breathing, and my stroke. I feel it’s time to address my kick.

                                  Got a Triathlon coach.

I also have a coach. I decided to go with Studio 7 Multisport. My coach is Lance Leo. He is an awesome guy and an accomplished triathlete. The first thing I asked was “Can I do an Ironman in a year’s time.” He said “Absolutely!” That’s exactly what I needed to hear!

I am scheduled for my lactic acid threshold testing next Tues. I am really excited about that! I told him about my two races; White Lake Half Ironman and Ironman Cozumel. He wanted me to add Augusta Half Ironman. It’s a Ford Event and would be an awesome experience. It will replicate my Full Ironman as far as transition and using transition bags. I would love to do it but it means a couple of things. I will probably not be able to run Cooper River and a $225 dollar entry fee UGH! We will just have to see about this one.

In any event, I am excited about this training. It starts officially in two weeks!

sorry, this was a quick one! I have to run before I meet my coach.

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  1. This is all very exciting...and the puzzle pieces are coming together! I admire the dedicated and passionate way you pursue your goals! You will succeed!!!