Thursday, December 10, 2009

Time, Time, Time

“What is the best time to complete an Ironman?” I asked that very question to Lance. Why? I am, or was consumed with time until I read the story of Rudy Garcia-Tolson Here is a guy, a double amputee, that DNF (did not finish) Kona. Kona! The Ironman of ALL Ironmans! And instead of pitying himself, turns around six weeks later to Finish Ironman Arizona. WOW! Time did not matter with him. Why does it matter with me so much I asked? I am reminded of my mile markers blog entry. To become an Ironman, you have 17 hrs to complete the task. Rudy Garcia-Tolson will likely never read this blog. Without ever knowing it, when he crossed the finish line he was the answer to my question. "What is the best time to complete and Ironman," I asked. 16:59:59!

Drive on RUDY! Thanks for your inspiration as I move forward with my training that starts "officially" on Monday.

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