Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why Lance and the Lactic Test

Before work yesterday, I met with Lance for the first time (pictured left). I met him at his home which was about a 10-15 minute drive from home which was perfect. I wanted to take a little time to tell you how I came across Lance. I have heard about Lance and Studio 7 prior to my race. As with every race, I did some research about the course, looked at times to complete, and who was the previous year’s winner. It was none other than Lance Leo. I found out later he also came in 3rd at White Lake Half Ironman which will be my first Half Ironman

The bike route for my first triathlon was also nearby. Actually, it is in the same neighborhood Lance Leo lives. I took the opportunity to ride the course which started at the NOMAD aquatic center. While at the center, I had the chance to meet Lance which was awesome. I knew the bike course was hilly because I patrolled that area on shift. Long story short, I did a practice bike ride and died! I had to walk my bike up part of the hill. I knew I was doing something wrong!

I made it back to NOMAD and I asked Leo if he had a second to talk. He came outside and I was so embarrassed to admit I couldn’t get up this hill. I told him what I was doing and he gave me advice on how to take on hills. I was taking on hills ALL wrong!!! He told me what to do and on race day I smoked those hills!

At the race, two weeks later, he comes up to me and says “What’s up?” I thought it was really cool that he would even remember me and even take the time to say hi. At this point, I wasn’t sure about completing this triathlon much less an Ironman. So, this guy is being genuinely nice. Not because I was a prospective client, but because, I feel, he is just that kind of person.

Fast forward

We have a meeting and I know I am talking this guy’s ear off because I am so excited about it all! As I’m talking to him, I can really feel his passion for the sport and for helping people achieve their dreams. There was one thing he said that stuck with me about Ironman. I asked if he ever wanted to quit an Ironman. He said in Ironman the pain is very real and there is no hiding from it. All I could think about was how I hid from my pain (emotional) with alcohol. In this pain (physical), there is no hiding. I will confront myself on this journey and I am looking forward to it! There is something I have always wanted to tell him!

Any who, the lactic threshold test and that thing smoked me! I was put on my bike and a power meter. I would pedal and he would increase the resistance. Periodically he would take blood samples to see how much lactic acid was present in my blood. He would also check my pulse oxygen and rate of respiration. The whole point of this test was to find out what my optimum training heart rate. I had to go to work afterwards and I was sooooo sleepy. At work today I felt like I was still recovering hahaha. I think this was the first time I felt like an athlete. With all the testing and having a "coach" I feel like an athlete. It's kinda cool. I have never been the athletic type. I guess to do an Ironman, you need someone guiding you. Well, my plan starts on Monday and I cannot tell you how excited I am about starting.

I have Thunder Road Half Marathon this Saturday 12/12/2009. Im a little nervous about it because of my issues with PF I haven’t been running as much. I have been stretching it and I isn’t bothering me…for now. I am excited about being in a racing atmosphere again. I hope I have time to cheer on some of the other runners!


  1. Hey Hassan,

    I realy enjoy reading your blog. It encourages me! And I hope you know that I am here to encourage you. That's right don't second guess it, I mean it. You will, you will do, You will do Well!

    Looking forward to the future!

    Lee Eppley

  2. Love the committment to your training and to being the best that you can be!!! You'll do great this Saturday! Can't wait to see you cross the finish line!!!