Friday, January 8, 2010

I am a Fan of Chrissie Wellington

“…extract every ounce of strength, energy, passion and fire from my mind and body from beginning to end. That is all I, and every athlete, can ask of themselves.” -Chrissie Wellington.”

I will be honest. I am not one to drool over an athlete because they are the champion or because they are the best in their sport; that is superficial. I often try to find out what they are like behind their fame. It is, therefore, no surprise, why I have to say I am a fan of Chrissie Wellingtons. Not because she is a three-time Ironman World Champion because there will be a time when she is not. I am a fan because of what she brings to the sport of triathlon. I read her blog and have watched her interviews and if there were one triathlete I would ever want to meet, it would be her.

Wellington rolling after her 2008 win in KONA

After breaking the 17-year Kona World Record, she Honor Rolled for Jon Blais. Instead of being wrapped up in her own accomplishment, breaking a 17 year world record at Kona in 2009, she made the win about something bigger than herself! She is an amazing triathlete. KP, can we meet her :) ? Another reason she is a favorite is because she seemingly doesn’t get wrapped up in winning in triathlon. She goes out to do HER best and not necessarily to BEAT the competition. She doesn’t judge herself by what others are doing. She just wants to know she did her best. This is something I struggle with a lot! Doing my best just doesn’t seem to be enough. I ask myself how do I know I did my best. This is what motivates Chrissie:

“…I am motivated by that little something inside. That stubborn streak that will not rest until I know I have fulfilled my potential and been the best that I can be. Most importantly though, there is the platform for change. This drives me every single day. To be able to roll for Jon Blais, to meet so many great people, to raise awareness, to give interviews and speak about things that I am passionate about…” -Wellington

It’s not for money; it’s not for fame; it is for things greater than triathlon. She uses her fame to create change. Any person that can make any sport greater than themselves and the sport itself, in my opinion, is a top tier athlete!

Chrissie, thanks for inspiring us, the age grouper, there mere mortal competitor that will never see a podium, to compete against ourselves in triathlon. Not for podium slots, but for our passion. For things that are bigger than us. You are a true inspiration. A title, few people truly earn and deserve.

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