Friday, January 29, 2010

Riding Aero for the First Time and Buying the Blue Seventy Helix

Praises to God! Isn’t it better to say that when things aren’t going our way! When things don’t go the way we have to know (trust) that it is God’s Will and Praise Him for it! I have to update a few things that have been going on. I hope to do these topics justice. It is my intent to update the events as they happen but we know that Life happens.

I calculated that I have 90 minutes of free time a night during the work week. Not that I am complaining, but it doesn’t leave a lot of time for the blog. I usually spend that time looking at something Ironman. Although, lately I have actually been living outside of Ironman videos. I actually caught some real movies!

So let’s back up to about a week ago. I did an 8 mile run and then went to the Original Pancake House (best pancakes in Charlotte!). While there I decided I wanted to go to Inside Out Sports with Kristi. This was completely unplanned; on a whim which is how I roll! Lol I have no problems being spontaneous! Actually, I feel like I have more control when I do things spontaneously than when I try to plan it out; but I digress. So, we go there with the intent of just letting me test ride the Cervelo P2. I wanted to do this mainly because I have never ridden a bike in Aero Plus I wanted to see what the P2 was about.

It was an awesome ride! After about 30 seconds in the seat I got the courage to ride aero! It was so comfortable. A lot more comfortable than riding Aero on my clip on aero bars I have on my Cervelo R3 road bike. This is due to the geometry of the bike. There is a huge, huge difference riding the clip on aero bars on a road bike and riding aero on a triathlon bike. This is mostly due to the different geometry of the road bike vs. a triathlon bike.

We go to the store with the intent of just test riding this road bike. Ahhh but we stumbled onto a huge wetsuit sell! Inside Out Sports is one of two triathlon specific stores in Charlotte. Having said that, they are the only triathlon store that carries Blue Seventy wetsuits. I have had my eye on the Blue Seventy Helix for some time now. It has done extremely well in reviews! It is certainly a high-end wetsuit with a high-end price tag at about $600! Because it’s the end of the year and they need to make room for the 2010 models, they had these suits on sell for 40% off! That was insane!

They had one my size so I tried it on. It was actually the last one in my size too. This was also my first time in a wetsuit. Wanna talk about feeling the part (feeling like a triathlete). The best part was the size of the wetsuit I am wearing. MEDIUM! That’s just awesome! Look at the pictures below (previous blogs posts in January) and you will know why I am saying that.

After some thinking, I decided I could not let this deal go. So guess who went home with a Blue Seventy Helix wetsuit! Praise God for putting it in me to go to this store and providing what I needed to be able to purchase this suit. Not only was it my first time in a wetsuit, it was also my first time riding a triathlon bike in the aero position. It was truly a great day of firsts. I gotta tell you, Inside Out Sports is a smaller store than Try Sports. That actually works as a plus for them. It’s a little more intimate. When you walk into that store it just feels like a mom and pop store. Even though their franchise is HUGE! They have sponsored Ironman Kona up until recently. Any who, I am excited about the wetsuit and extremely excited about riding the P2.


  1. Congratulations on the new wetsuit! Are you going to use it at the sprint tri in March? Or is the swim too short?

  2. Hey Jeff! Love the Movies keep them coming! My fav was Rocky "It's not how hard you can hit but how hard you can get hit!" lol. Any who, I wont race in the wetsuit until New Orleans but will definately get some open water swims in it by mid March.