Sunday, January 31, 2010

Swim Analysis with Lance Leo of Studio 7 Multisport

I became a swimmer 5 days ago. I have been moving through the water in a swim-like manner for only 6 months. However, I became a swimmer 5 days ago. I am super stoked about what happened during my swim analysis! Except I just don’t get it!! I have had formal instruction in swimming for 5 months, yet my stroke just did not feel “right”. Last month, I didn’t renew my instruction with the unmentioned company because something just didn’t feel right in my stroke and I was getting any answers.

Let me preface this next paragraph by saying, there is a HUGE difference in recreational swimming and endurance swimming. What I learned was that this instruction I was receiving was focused more on recreational/fitness swimming than endurance swimming. Therefore, I wasn’t getting detailed instruction on how to improve my stroke because it was “good enough.” I have had lessons at two different teaching facilities and learned the basics; i.e. move your hands like this; move your feet like this: go! I will tell you that I could have saved a WHOLE lot of money if I had a swim analysis with Lance six weeks ago when I started training!

My session with Lance Leo was $85. That includes the video taping, the actual analysis, and drills to help you focus on correcting your errors. My last swim instruction was an 8 week session for $120; one hour session, one day a week for a total of 8 hours. I honestly learned more about swimming in that 90 minutes session than I learned in two months of going to that 1 hour class! Ugh! Not to mention travel time and gas! I was driving across town for these lessons! (Lance lives live 15 minutes from me).

The video will speak for itself. In me session, we cut my stroke count in half! I am using half the energy cost to swim the same length of the pool. More importantly, I know what I am doing right and wrong. Knowledge is power because not only am I aware of my errors, I now know how to correct them. My swimming, in 90 minutes, became more efficient, smoother, and sustainable.

I did my swim workout that evening and was so excited at how much faster and balanced I felt in the water. The best part of this swim analysis was not cutting the stroke count in half. It wasn’t even that I was gliding more and feeling faster. Those things are all arguably extremely important. To me, the best part, however, of the analysis was I AM more confident in the water! Wow, that’s huge! My first Half Ironman is in about 10 weeks. Ten weeks out and I was still a little apprehensive about swim; not anymore! After my analysis, I was more confident in my abilities as a swimmer and to improve as a swimmer.

If you are in Charlotte, NC or the surrounding area, I would totally recommend Lance Leo as a coach! If you are content with training on your own, what do you have to lose by at least stopping by to have a swim analysis done other than time! If you are not in the Charlotte Area and training for a triathlon, please look up your local triathlon/multisport coach that can video tape your swim for analysis. It is a great tool.

OK HERE IT IS THE SWIM ANALYSIS: let me just say I don’t have the perfect stroke but it has gotten so much better than what is was! We joked that my previous stroke looked like I was playing Twister in the pool because it looked so awkward :)

Note: I did not receive any compensation, financial or otherwise, to enter this blog. I am extremely excited about my results and want my fellow brother and sister triathletes to be aware of this training tool. Next up: Bike and Run analysis prior to New Orleans 70.3.

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