Friday, February 12, 2010

The decision to do an Ironman has to be made every day.

This lesson I am learning the hard way. It is 35 degrees outside and I have to run 12 miles. I stayed up all morning trying to find a reason not to go out and run. It’s too cold. I can do it tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day that never comes. The truth is… there isn’t a reason good enough to not put myself through what lies ahead. I have to recommit to my decision. No matter the weather; or how tough the miles ahead may seem. Every day, is like the day I hit the submit button on my Ironman application. I can do it! And this run, will be one of the days that won’t matter when I cross the finish line! I will forget about this run the moment it is over. I will recall it the day I hit the start line. This is the day I find out where my determination will take me….

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  1. That's the great thing about signing up for an event like Ironman. You can't fake it - you have to put in the time.