Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finis Snorkel arrived today!

I walked out the door to get my swim workout in and I see a UPS truck stopped in front of my apartment building. He exited his truck and began walking toward me with a box that read I said, “Sir, I believe that is for me.” He asked my name and I signed for the packaged. I was so excited! I knew what it was! It was my Finis Freestyle Snorkel. Lance recommended this to me when I took my swim analysis!

I read some reviews before purchasing the snorkel; some good, some bad. One review disliked the snorkel because you had to have perfect head position in the water. I am still trying to figure out why that is a bad thing! I ripped the packaged open and fitted the snorkel to my head. I did my swim workout and the last 300 yards of the workout asked for drills. I thought this would be a perfect time to use my brand new snorkel.

“How hard could it be,” I thought. I read reviews that said it takes some getting used to. I thought whatever! I got it! I donned my snorkel and off I went. Stroke, stroke this is awesome! A little water in my mouth, followed by half the pool!!!! Ugh! I took the it off cleared it and went again. I swam 4 laps with this thing! Each time I had to stop to take the snorkel off after swimming a half length of the pool!

I asked one of the aquatic managers at the pool, Nathan, if he used these before. He said he had. I asked if it took some getting used to. He replied, “Ooooooooh Yeah! I guess I need to practice with this new toy. I am excited about the snorkel because it is a great tool! It will definitely take some getting used to.

At the end of this workout, I was still swimming my 100s forty seconds faster than my Critical Swim Speed test! This is exciting news!


  1. I got one as a free giveaway, but never opened the package. It's still sitting in my garage. I couldn't figure out how it would help me. In fact, I figured it would just make it so I don't have to turn my head to breathe. What's the deal with it? How does it help your swim?

  2. have you ever watched th TI videos? he does a drill where he pretty much finds the balance point with his left hand then leads with his right hand. It's mostly for muscle memory with out having to turn my head to breath. It would also allow me to focus on balance in the water and my stroke with out having to breath. I wouldnt swim with it as much as doing drills with it if that makes sense.

  3. Thanks. I'll have to open up the snorkel and give it a try.