Friday, February 26, 2010

FINIS Freestyle Snorkel Review

I am a new adult swimmer, 8 months, and this is my first swim aid. It was recommended to me by my triathlon coach and I am glad he did! This is the best thing I could have purchased. I don’t “swim” with this device I only perform drills with it. One drill is the “Superman.” With the help of this device and the drills, I have become a lot more relaxed in the water and noticed 6 seconds off per 100 (during my normal swimming).

I read a review that knocked it because it requires proper head position. It does require correct head position to avoid water intake but isn’t that what we want? It took me only two attempts before I had this tool figured out. The first attempt was in a crowded pool and after 5 minutes I decided not to embarrass myself (choking on water!) in front of an audience. The second attempt, in a less crowed environment, I took my time and slowly increased my distances from the wall; a 1/4 length, then a half length, and then a 3/4 length. Finally, after ten minutes, I was able to swim without taking in water. I will say, for me it is difficult to swallow with the snorkel. After about 25 to 50 yards, I have to pull the mouth piece away to swallow. This is good for me considering my drills are 12 x 25 yards – 12 x 50 yards and so forth. I don’t think I could swim a main set with the snorkel. It’s a good thing I don’t plan too. Great investment I think! Hope this helps!

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  1. I have a very good friend who has done two Ironmans with this snorkel. He was born with no sinus cavities and no actual nose...all these had to be built into his face for him to breath properly. He had to get special permission from Ironman to be allowed to use but it made a HUGE difference in his swimming.

    I want to thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. Your comments mean the world to me. Keep up the awesome work. You are definitely one of my heroes!!