Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That explains my Knee Pain...but im sore...err my butt is sore hehe

This is the xray of normal patella placement

This...well isn't normal placement.

For the record, these photos are not x-rays of my knee but are necessary to explain what is going on with my knee. I went to Greenapple Sports yesterday to have them look at my knee. Dr. Clay was actually my doctor and if you recall he held the swim clinic this past Saturday. So, the normal questions blah, blah, blah. He twists my knees in some random motions to see if there was pain with those movements. I explained to him I only feel pain when I am running.

He gave me some diagnosis which I have no idea what he said! I am convinced in medical school they spend most of their time saying these random names of random diagnosis. Basically, he said my patella has shifted approximately a half inch upward toward the femur and is causing the patella to grind some of the soft tissue. This, in turn, causes inflammation, which causes the pain. Ok got it. That explains it but then I asked what every other athlete would have asked, “When can I RUN?!” This issue (I don’t think it should be called an injury) wont prevent me from running but running wont feel good DUH Dr. Clay lol!

The pictures above show normal patella placement and irregular patella placement. My patella hasn’t shifted as far upward as this poor person’s! The fact is the person in the x-ray had a ruptured tendon and had to have surgery to repair the tendon. Thank God my issue isn’t that serious! This x-ray does, however, resemble my patella movement.

Dr. Clay said in about two weeks I should be relatively pain free. Yesterday’s visit he taped my knee with Kinesio tape. This was followed by one of their techs coming in and placing 4 leads around my knee. An electrical current was sent to my knee through these leads. It wasn’t bad but felt like my knee was getting tasered but on a much smaller scale (as a police officer I am one of few people that knows what it feels like to be tased hehe). By time I left, my knee was feeling pretty good.

Following the doctor’s visit, I met up with Coach Lance Leo. We did some wattage testing with to determine my training zones for cycling. The heart rates that were prescribed 4 months ago were feeling too easy. I guess this is a sign of improvement. This was followed by a discussion of my up coming training schedule. I told him about my knee issue so we are going to “baby” the knee for the next month. I am still going to be running but not as much. Over the next month we are going to increase the swim and the bike and scale back on the run a little. I’m ok with that, I hope! Lol you know your mind starts looking for excuses why you cant finish the run and I don’t want to have any when I hit the run portion of the event. At least this is a recoverable issue that wont take me out of training.

The Seat…

The ISM Adamo racing saddle does what it says! It has eliminated the numb feeling I have when riding (still not 100% from that ride 2 weeks ago). However, look at the photo above. It shows there is a lot of pressure on the buttocks when ridding in 30 and 60 degree position. This seat is designed to be ridden in the aero position. I, however, am a rookie and find myself riding in the 30-60 degree range a bit. The result, a sore bottom! I will trade a sore bottom over a numb you know what any day!!! I’m not too sore though. It’s just an annoying soreness and nothing major. I love this seat and highly recommend it.

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