Thursday, May 6, 2010

My body is feeling dead this week! Two weeks out of training...I need a resurrection.

I have been out of training for the past two and a half weeks. I resumed training this past Monday. I have swam and cycled and yesterday did my first easy run. It was a brick session; an “easy” one at that. I biked on the trainer for an hour (using a higher cadence than I am used to because I’m trying to train my body to cycle in the 90’s). I also wanted the opportunity to do some one leg drills. That was pretty tough too. It definitely showed a lot of weaknesses in my pedaling. I have 6 months to work on this. This was followed by a two mile run. The biking was cool but running the two miles… geesh! Now I was trying to push this run because it’s time for beast mode but good word it was tough.

It was good to have the NO experience to fall back on! I kept telling myself I have felt worst than this so keep pushing. The more I push the better off I am. I just wanted to kick this body and tell it to wake up!

Tomorrow I go back to full duty. I am so grateful. I can’t take sitting behind a desk all day. I am totally looking forward to getting back into my patrol car to see what trouble I can get into next.

Before my training session tonight, I may use a defibrillator! Need to get some life into this body again.


  1. For your next life as a girl runner you will need a lot of pink running gear and plenty of sports bras lol. I am not a runner in the sense that I have yet to learn to like it, let alone love it. It's taken mucho tiempo, mucho dolor (dolor = pain, time to practice that spanish for Cozumel!) y mucho trabajo to get where I am now. I guess I still just feel slow compared to all the people I train with - this city is filled with FASTIES!! Anyway, keep up your hard work, this is all gonna pay off, it takes time. Whenever I feel brutal during training I like to look back at where I started - for you it sounds like you have already accomplished SOOOO much :)