Friday, November 26, 2010

Cozumel En Route

Let me just say I HATE flying. Obviously not enough to not do it. But certainly enough to know I don’t like it.,. kinda like swimming in triathlon.

So I am sitting here on this plane and I'm not sure that it has hit me yet. I have this really weird feeling and this is the best way I can describe it. It is a mixture of two feelings. You know that feeling you get when you are on the airplane getting ready to parachute out. You ask yourself that question, “When did this seem like a good idea?” And you know the day before your child is born, you KNOW you life will never be the same. That is what this is a mixture of regardless of the outcome, my life will never be the same.

Over the past week it has become difficult to really absorb everything that is taking place. I know one thing. IRONMAN is EXPENSIVE!!!! KP seconds that for the record! Maybe an international Ironman isn’t the best idea for a first timer on a budget lol. But I was called to do this and God made a way! Also I wanted to mention here not only has the fundraising goal been met, it’s been passed! The goal was set for $2,500 I think it may actually hit $3000! There are several people I want to thank for helping with this effort! First Andrea Eller! Her organizational skills and networking are bar none! She made a lot of this possible! I'm grateful God got her involved! Thank you Andrea SO MUCH! Second Gary Hixson (side note Gary is the same guy who baptized me!) Gary made an awesome flyer which generated tons of support and prayer.

Update on my knee…

It is still sore and I am extremely nervous the inflammation will return. (unfortunately a few hours into my day it did return) I'm praying the Mexican Doctor can possibly give me a cortisone shot. I honestly think it will save me a lot of worthless pain. I don’t mind pain. I know it will come. But work smarter not harder! Besides, I have read reports of guys not finishing because they “cooked” their IT band. I want to go ahead and remove that possibility.

Any who, I have been receiving reports from the triathletes I met on the IAMTRI website. Heather Brown sent me several emails detailing the conditions there. She stated the water was super buoyant! Perfect because being a new swimmer that is exactly what I wanted to hear. She said the jellyfish sting but nothing to panic about.

It was funny because I started thinking about Christ and how he told us how beautiful heaven is and how much God loved us. The best part He was even going to show us how to get there!

Well, I'm excited starting to hydrate today. I know one thing I am ready to get this event over!

(Ding!) “Good morning folks just wanted to let you know we are 20 minutes outside of Cozumel and will be landing here shortly”
Yup!!!! That’s when it hit me!!!!! I am going to the Ironman!!!

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