Monday, November 22, 2010

Recap of a bad taper!


Wow, I am just a few short days away from flying and even shorter to seeing if what I have trained for over the last year was worth it. Actually, I already know the answer to the latter. It was TOTALLY worth it! But I face even more hardships going into this race. About a week and a half ago I hurt my left knee really badly! I was on my first taper run which would be an easy 10 mile run. I started off my run at my new found faster pace and was feeling awesome! I hit mile 5 and things started to change quickly.

I was starting to feel a “something isn’t right” pain in my left leg. It was kind of weird though. It felt like the upper part of my calf was strained and the lower part of my hamstring was strained too. What was weird was I couldn’t begin to understand how someone only strains part of a particular muscle. It just doesn’t seem possible. Then the real issue became known. The outside of my left knee started to hurt REALLY badly!

I walked a half mile then decided to suck it up and ran the next mile and a half home. I was afraid I had really messed up my knee just two weeks before the Ironman. I immediately starting an internet search and thought I may have Iliotibial band syndrome. This is a common running issue. But I was adamant this issue was not caused by running!

A few weeks ago I did a century ride. Prior to the ride I changed out my cleats and it was the first time I have had knee pain in 8 months even with the tough training I had been putting myself through. And it was the first time I ever had knee pain on the bike. But trying to be a tough guy I sucked it up. So the night before my injury run, I did three hours on my bike training ( a trainer turns your bicycle into a stationary bike). Prior to the training, I adjusted the cleat position again trying to alleviate the knee pain. And it worked…or not!

The next day I did my run and bam! Knee issue. So I Googled to see if Iliotibial band syndrome can be caused by improper cleat/foot position on the pedals and it can. Ok so I get ART (Active release technique) performed on my knee to try to assist with the healing process. After a week of visits I attempted a run; which was this past Friday. A little over a quarter mile into the run I started feeling the tightness returning to my knee and I stopped. After I stopped I started feeling the same pain in my right knee. I have NEVER had issues with my right knee. The following Saturday, I went to Ortho Carolina looking for a cortisone shot. I didn’t get it!

The doctor stated the improper cleat position on my bike turn my knee in a way that it caused inflammation behind the patella of both of my knees. He was certain if I took 800mg of ibuprofen two times a day for the next week I would be able to race the Ironman pain free. I, however, have a recommended doctor (who is an attending physician for the Ironman event) on standby to give me a cortisone shot if needed. I never had a cortisone shot and I am not looking forward to getting one. At this point, though, I will do just about anything to get through this race.

I am actually somewhat grateful for this injury, because I was becoming so bent on finishing in 15 hours and so terrified of the swim. Now, I am embracing the swim, as much as I can, and focusing on just finishing and putting forth my best effort!

Sunday at church we put on an information piece about the fundraising efforts for the Ironman and the children’s home in Cozumel. The minister introduces me and was giving a description of the Ironman and it was humbling to hear exactly what the Ironman is. And it’s crazy. 2.4 miles in the ocean!!!! 112 miles on the bike!!!! And then a marathon! That is just insane!!!

As he is interviewing me in front of the congregation I became emotional because of what God has done in my life over the years. I just cant believe it. To boot the sermon talked about God and his power. God breathed the stars into existence. It was just an unbelievably great lesson and made me really understand the God that gave me life, is the same God that got me though the tough times in my life. He is the same God that made the universe, AND He is the same God that will be with me during the Ironman. There is a peace I feel in that. I am still afraid and I think that is ok.

It’s really starting to sink in though. One year seemed so long ago! Now here I am! I will be honest. I don’t really feel like I am racing for me. I am racing for God and for the City of Angels. I really don’t want to let them down because of a knee injury. I don’t want to let my own children down by not finishing. They have had to sacrifice too. I don’t want to let KP down who too has had to sacrifice. I don’t want to let the people down that I have helped to inspire. I don’t want to come back home and explain to people why I didn’t finish the race.

I will make one promise! I WILL NO QUIT! THAT IS NOT AN OPTION! I will suffer for 17 hours if I have to but I will NOT quit! If my knee flares up I will call upon my God. When I am having a good time and things are going great I will Thank God! I will NOT quit. I think that is the only thing God is asking of me in this race and that is to not quit.

I can tell you we are about 6 days out and I can still fill pain but my promise still stands. I will not quit! Keep praying for me guys! I am praying for a healing and a miracle! At this point, getting to the starting line is a victory!

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  1. Hard to believe we're just 6 days away! Take good care of your knee. I bet it will feel great on race day!